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About us

Weber Entec GmbH & Co. KG is a subsidiary of Weber Ultrasonics AG, one of the global leaders in ultrasonic components. The main
focus of Weber Entec is the turnkey design and construction of ultrasound based applications in environment technology, especially ultrasonic treatment of biogenic materials also known as disintegration. Because of its broad range of expertise, the company is a one-stop source for manufacturing, plant construction, sales, system analysis and process optimisation.

Products and services

DesiUS – High standards in efficiency and durability

Focus of the R&D for the DesiUS has been the requirement to achieve the highest possible ultrasonic cavitation performance along with the highest machine reliability. The core technology of the DesiUS is the BioPush flowthrough cell, which due to its highperformance surface converter generates a homogeneous cavitation field within the reactor. The energy efficiency and the impact on the sludge is significantly higher as with the traditional ultrasound technology. On top of this the BioPush is due to its design 100 % maintenance free. Thus problematic substrates, such as highly thickened mixed sludge of municipal water treatment plants can be treated efficiently.
Ultrasound disintegration system DesiUS

Ultrasound disintegration system DesiUS

With the ultrasound disintegration the continuous implosions of countless microscopic little steam bubbles are destroying with their respective shear forces the biological cells. This increases the substrate surface and boosts the enzymatic activity in the digester. Consequence is an increased degradation acceleration, which leads to an increased biogas yield. Also the sludge viscosity will be decreased significantly as well as the dewatering capability of the sludge will be improved.

BioPush Ultrasonic Reactor

BioPush Ultrasonic Reactor

The next generation Ultrasound
- Treatment of nonhomogenous substrates with high demand of total
solids (up to 15% DM)
- 2.000 W ultrasonic energy input per flow cell
- Optimized energy input because of homogenous ultrasonic field
- High operational safety
– 100% clogging free - High durability (up to 3 years and
more) Enables continuous processes
- Continuous processes (Inline process instead of batch process)
- No stirring necessary -> Lower maintenance costs and
energy consumption


Weber Entec GmbH & Co. KG
Im Ermlisgrund 10
76337 Waldbronn

Phone: +49 7243 7288980

Diana Rizzolo
Phone: +49 7243 7288980

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