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The solution for repair and maintenance works WEICON Repair Stick Steel

WEICON offers a simple solution for many repair, restoration and maintenance works – WEICON Repair Stick Steel.

It is a two-component system consisting of epoxy resin and hardener in a mixing ratio of 1:1. The components are mixed by kneading. Repair Sticks are durable, versatile in use and have high strength.

WEICON Repair Stick Steel is temperature resistant from -50°C up to +120°C, briefly up to +150°C. It resists to alcohol, ester, salt water, oils, most acids and lyes, is free of solvents and cures with almost no shrinkage.
The cured product can be machined (drilled, filed, tapped) and overpainted without pre-treatment.

WEICON Repair Sticks bond many different materials, like metal, hard-plastics, fibre-reinforced materials, wood, glass, ceramic or stone.

The range of WEICON Repair Sticks includes nine different types. With this wide range of products, applications in many different areas can be carried out.

Exhibitor: WEICON GmbH & Co. KG

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