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Corrosion protection WEICON Anti-Seize High Tech

WEICON Anti-Seize High Tech is a metal-free corrosion protection and high-performance assembly paste or spray.

It prevents electrolytic corrosion (“cold welding“) between metals. It is temperature resistant from -40°C up to +1,400°C.

High Tech is especially suitable for assembly work where the use of metal-containing compounds is not wanted for optical reasons, where nickel-containing products are prohibited and where copper-containing products are prohibited for electro-chemical reasons.

Due to its special formulation and most finely ground solid lubricants, High Tech fills all irregularities in the surface.
It is used as protecting and separating agent, as well as lubricant, for highly stressed parts. Ideally balanced solids contents as well as selected additives permit a wide range of applications in all areas of industry.

Anti-Seize High Tech effectively protects against corrosion, seizure, abrasion, stick-slip phenomena, pitting and fretting corrosion.

Exhibitor: WEICON GmbH & Co. KG

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